Art Revolution Taipei

Finalist of the international competition of the great price of the artists. Taiwan, 2022.

"Arte de ser Mujer"

International travelling exhibition of migrant women “Hu-ellas”. Dominican Republic, 2022.

Small Mobile Museum of French Guiana

Traveling educational museum. French Guiana, 2021.

Suriname International Art Fair

Suriname, 2021.

Podcartas "Arte dá trabalho"

International Art Meeting. Brazil,2021.

Talents d'armire

Rémire Montjoly, French Guiana, 2021.


Art Gallery. Ibiza (Spain), since 2021.

Kreol West Indies

Galerie d’Art. Guadeluope, since 2020.

I love mobile

Creation of a collection of cell phone covers, 2020.

Suriname International Art Fair

Suriname, 2020.

Made in China

International Art Night
Kreol West Indies. Virtual, 2020.


LIVE painting

Kreo West Indies. Live painting. Guadeloupe, 2020.


Exhibition. Suriname, 2019.

Pool Art Fair

International Artists’ Fair, Guadeloupe, 2019.


Customization of the container. Cayenne, 2018.

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