Artistic Interventions

«Wall painting»

Regina, French Guiana

Artistic intervention with MUZE LARU. 2022.

« Wall painting»

College Neron
Remire Montjoly

Artistic intervention. 2022

« Wall painting»

Lycee, Kourou

Artistic intervention. 2021

«Wall painting»

Elementary School Mariette Bernude, Cayenne

Artistic intervention in the framework of a ULIS class inclusion. 2020.

« Workshop»

Nola Hatterman Academy

Paramaribo, Surinam

Week of residence and workshop with the students of the School of Fine Arts of Paramaribo. 2019.

« L’art de réussir »

Elementary School Mont Lucas

Stimulating freedom of expression and emancipation of the child through plastic art. Encouraging the production of art to convey the acquisition of social and cultural skills. 2019.

« Wall painting »

CAUE-Lycee, Kourou

Artistic intervention project. 2019.

« Art’Air »

ORA and EMEGA Associations, Cayenne

Working with disabled children. 2019. 

Artists: AZER / EMI/ YNOT

« Wall painting​ »

APAJH Saint-Georges

Artistic intervention project with the youth of APAJH SAINT-GEORGES. 2019.

« Identito-vigilance »

ADAPEI Pole Autisme

Creation of two communication posters on  «IDENTITO-VIGILANCE». 2019.

« Wall painting»

Maison Familiale et Rurale de Régina (MFR)

This project was formulated in a cooperative manner between the Maison familiale et rurale de Regina and the artist, in order to bring young people closer to forms of artistic expression. 2018.

« Wall painting »

CAUE-Lycee, Kourou

Artistic intervention project Collaboration with the CAUE-LYCEE-KOUROU. 2018.

« Art and creativity »

Elementary School Mont Lucas

Collège Justin Catayée

Creating links between art and the process of mindfulness learning. This project seeks to make the children become the real actors of an artistic creation process. 2018.

« Mask making »

Mask making workshop for the youngsters of the ITEP

The carnival in Guyana is an unmissable event. The goal of this workshop will be to make the young people discover the pleasure of the creation of masks. 2017

« Wall painting »

Institut thérapeutique, éducatif et Pédagogique (ITEP).

Project of artistic intervention. 2017.

« Our cultures »

School Eugene Honorien, Remire Montjoly

Artistic intervention project on multi-culturality, 2017.

« Les Chroniques d’ATIPA »

Elementary School Mont Lucas

College Justin Catayée

Revisit and recreate through the image and the plastic form, the chronicles and the passages of the novel. 2016.

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