Contemporary Artist


Intervening Artist

Co-founder of the School of Art of Guyane (association loi 1901)

Member of the collective of muralists and graffiti artists MUZE LARU


About me

I am a professional multidisciplinary artist specializing in painting, sculpture and murals.

My contemporary universe, geometric and colorful, is inspired by digital images and everyday objects. I address the theme of the digitalization of communication, consumption and contemporary man. My paintings are conceived as interfaces in these intimate spaces. I wonder about the meeting with the other and the discovery of oneself in the need to cut certain social
links. I speak with curiosity, but also with concern, about the virtuality of human relationships and the dominance of the stereotyped image. Through my sculptures, I approach the subject in a more playful way, close to Toy Art.

I am inspired by artistic trends such as abstract geometry, Pop Art, Toy Art and the digital universe. For me, it is essential to approach these aesthetics and create a displaced, timeless scenario, marked by digital references. For fifteen years, I have been working in social action to facilitate access to culture and art to different populations.


Master in Artistic Practices and Social Action. (France)

Higher Diploma in Fine Arts. (Argentine)

Professor of Initial education (Argentine)

Professional Experience

Freelance work as a visual artist: Painting, Sculpture, Muralist and Street Art.

Co-founder and educational coordinator of the Guyana School of ArtProfessor of design, painting and art history.

Several exhibitions in France and abroad,
especially in French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Suriname, Argentina, Spain, England and Taiwan.

Several Honorable Mentions in different competitions.

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